You like documentaries? You like ghosts? Well, buddy … have I got just the thing for you: a documentary on the paranormal called GHOST TAPES: A DOCUMENTARY ON THE PARANORMAL. Written and directed by Luke Millett, the documentary explores the visual evidence of supernatural and paranormal phenomena.

No rods. No orbs. No vortexes. Just lots of creepy caught on film.

Where can you watch said film? This Sunday, at the Chicago Paranormal Film Festival. The all-day event is a mere $10, and gets you in to see a dozen features, shorts, and, of course, documentaries like GHOST TAPES:

Screening this Sunday.

Screening this Sunday at the Chicago Paranormal Film Festival.

Between movies, make sure you stop by the vendor’s room for movie memorabilia, posters, toys, games, and of course, books. Cynthia Pelayo, author of the short story collection LOTERIA and the novel SANTA MUERTE will be there signing books, and I’m going to be personalizing copies of the anthologies QUALIA NOUS and LOST IN THE WITCHING HOUR, as well as my novel, LOSING TOUCH.

It’s this Sunday at Schurz High School on Milwaukee in Chicago. Once you’re done suffering through your uncle’s take on the Ferguson riots, had turkey leftovers twice, broken a tooth for a Black Friday doorbuster, and skidded down the roof trying to put up Christmas lights, you owe it to yourself to come to this, and it’ll only cost you $10 for the whole dang day. So … I’ll see you there.

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