Kill totals on SONS OF ANARCHY

How will it end tonight? More deaths?

How will it end tonight? More deaths? Probably more deaths.

SONS OF ANARCHY ends tonight at 9:00 CST after seven years of mayhem and so many Machiavellian twists and “changes of direction” you’d need a trail of breadcrumbs to bring you back to the burned out weapons storehouse in the pilot.

Seven years of a motorcycle gang running a small town in northern California–with influence reaching across the western United States and even to Northern Ireland–and there’s bound to be violence. But even the most hardcore 1%ers have their limit, right? If you kill people by the dozens, you’re bound to get caught. It’s a numbers game.

So I chased the numbers.

You might be surprised to learn (like I was) that there were 25 named, fully-patched members of the founding club (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original or “SAMCRO”). Some were long dead before the show started, but they made the list, and in total, I was able to find reference to 158 confirmed killings for an average of 6.32 murders per member, and that’s just counting the murders we know about.

And some members don’t even have any kills under their belt at all (beware the links if you aren’t caught up–there be spoilers ahead):

  1. GoGo (0)
  2. Greg the Peg (0)
  3. Herman Kozik (0)
  4. Keith McGee (0)
  5. Eric Miles (0)
  6. ‘Filthy’ Phil Russell (0)
  7. John Teller (0)
  8. Chico Vellenueva (0)
  9. Orlin West (0)
  10. Thomas Whitney (0)
  11. Piney Winston (1)
  12. Frankie Diamonds (2)
  13. Allesandro Montez (2)
  14. Ratboy Skogstrom (2)
  15. Lenny Janowitz (3)
  16. Rane Quinn (3)
  17. Otto Delaney (4)
  18. Bobby Munson (5)
  19. Juice Ortiz (7)
  20. Clay Morrow (14)
  21. Chibs Telford (15)
  22. Opie Winston (16)
  23. Happy Lowman (21)
  24. Tig Traeger (24)
  25. Jax Teller (38)

Jax has killed 38 people leading up to the series finale tonight, and he’s not currently serving a life sentence for at least some of them? Wow. Just wow. Taken with a larger pool of kills, that’s a lot of dead bodies–and I might have missed some.

Kurt Sutter’s show bible might have even more toe tags to hang courtesy of patched charter members, but I haven’t read it yet. Whatever the case, I’ll be watching tonight, mourning whatever turn of events Sutter has in store.

Because you know there won’t be a happy ending. Right?

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, now available in paperback and ebook formats from Post Mortem Press.

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