2014 Preditors & Editors™ horror award winners

Horror fans, you have spoken. The votes are cast and tallied, and the 2014 Preditors & Editors™ horror award results are in. THE HORROR ZINE has taken the top spot among fiction magazines for the fourth straight year, and its founder, Jeani Rector, is again the best magazine editor, according to voters. Fourth straight year for her, too.

Congratulations to Jeani Rector and The Horror Zine!

Congratulations to Jeani Rector and The Horror Zine!

Here are the top ten finishers in the horror novel category:

1. VENGEANCE IS MINE by Leon Opio (Indie Gypsy)
2. THE PIERCING by Helen McCabe (Telos Publishing)
3t. ANGEL MANOR by Chantal Noordeloos (Horrific Tales Publishing)
3t. PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS by Mercedes M. Yardley (Ragnarok Publications)
5t. RAMPANT by Joshua Werner (Source Point Press)
5t. SANGUINARY by Margo Bond Collins (Bathory Gate Press)
7. POOR JEFFREY by Paul Flewitt (Vamptasy)
8t. APPARITION LAKE by Doug Lamoreux & Daniel D. Lamoreux (Creativia)
8t. MORGAN by Liz DeJesus (Indie Gypsy)
10t. THE SEER’S LOVER by Kat de Falla (The Wild Rose Press)
10t. BLACK VENOM by Tamara A. Lowery (Gypsy Shadow Publishing)

And of course, you’ll want to know the top-ten horror short stories:

1. “Baby’s Breath” by Sydney Leigh (Great Old Ones)
2. “The Corridor” by Robert Scott (Hello Horror)
3. “Red Handed” by Tina Wayland (Every Day Fiction)
4. “Chooser of the Unslain” by Cynthia Booth & Roy C. Booth (Harren Press)
5. “Bound by Blood” by Margo Bond Collins (Bathory Gate Press)
6. “Sasha Brook” by Shebat Legion (Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Press)
7t. “The Infected” by Taylor Grant (Cemetery Dance)
7t. “10:30” by Mark Tompkins (Undead Literature)
9. “Taking the Piss” by Jasper Bark (Crystal Lake Publishing)
10. “The Screamin’ Siren” by Roy C. BoothAxel Kohagen (Chupa Cabra House)

Click here to see last year’s horror winners, and click here to see all of this year’s winners in every category. If you see something on any of the lists that piques your interest, click the link and investigate further. You never know when you’re going to find your new favorite book or story…

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, now available in paperback and ebook formats from Post Mortem Press.

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