Review: “Genuine gems” lurk in SHRIEKS & SHIVERS

Glenn Dallas of Manhattan Book Review has posted an appraisal of SHRIEKS AND SHIVERS, the latest anthology from The Horror Zine, which features my short story, “Center Stage Sideshow”:

Now available in paperback and Kindle editions.

Now available in paperback and Kindle editions.

A crash tapeworm diet brings unexpected consequences. Horror follows a selfish woman home from the nail salon. Something monstrous haunts the filming of John Carpenter’s THE THING. A heavy rainstorm brings a reckoning for a man who lost his wife. The footsteps of a tragic suicide victim follow a woman. A strange plague tears apart a community. Missing glasses are the least of a man’s worries when an artifact begins affecting him. A Vegas ghost haunts a woman on the eve of her wedding. Social media takes over a man’s life.

SHRIEKS AND SHIVERS covers horror in all its forms, from creeping slow-burn terror to monsters running wild, from body horror and gross-out scares to tales that delve deep into the psyche and unleash fears that haunt us all…

Read the rest of the review here. And if you haven’t read SHRIEKS AND SHIVERS yet, here’s what you’re missing:

Edited by Jeani Rector, SHRIEKS AND SHIVERS features a foreword by Bentley Little (THE SUMMONING) while screenwriter, director, and novelist John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) contributes the introduction. Pick up a paperback or ebook copy for yourself today!

Christian A. Larsen is the author of LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, now available in paperback and ebook formats from Post Mortem Press.

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