2015 Preditors & Editors™ horror award winners

The Preditors & Editors™ 2015 reader’s poll has closed, all the votes have been counted, and the winners have been announced in the horror, romance, science fiction & fantasy, steampunk, erotica, mystery, thriller, children’s, and young adult genres.

Here are the top ten finishers in the horror novel category:


Available now in Kindle and paperback.


And here are the top ten finishers in the horror short story category, for those of you who prefer your horror in manageable bites:

  • “Liquid Marble” by Alex Azar, appearing in NIGHTMARE NOIR (Mystery and Horror, LLC)
  • “Damaged Goods” by Lindsey Beth Goddard, appearing in THE TOOTH COLLECTOR (Von Stark Publishing)
  • “Grave Tending” by Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen, appearing in SHROUD, issue 15 (Shroud Publishing)
  • Ripper’s Ring” by Steven R. Southard (Gypsy Shadow Publishing)
  • Code Black” by Sheri Velarde (Three Worlds Press)
  • “And Midian Whispered Its Name” by Shaun Meeks, appearing in MIDIAN UNMADE (Tor)
  • “Wake Up Dead” by Michael Fisher, available in DOOR TO DEATH (J. Ellington Ashton Press)
  • “The Piano” by Sheri Williams, appearing in GIRLS ROCK HORROR HARDER, VOL. 2 (Von Stark Publishing)
  • “Cavedwellers” by Jim Goforth, available in WITH TOOTH AND CLAW (J. Ellington Ashton Press)
  • “Serpent’s Rest” by J. A. Campbell, available in HEAT OF THE MIDDAY SUN (Science Fiction Trails)

If you’ve never heard of these short stories or novels, its a terrific list to explore new works in 2016, and for a regular dose of fiction, poetry, and even artwork, THE HORROR ZINE continues to crank out quality content on a monthly basis. In fact, THE HORROR ZINE also won best “best fiction magazine” and “best poetry magazine” and editor Jeani Rector won “best magazine editor”.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available to order from Post Mortem Press.

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