Pre-order THE BLACKENING OF FLESH in paperback

THE BLACKENING OF FLESH drops February 16 in ebook and trade paperback, with the official launch event happening February 11-14 at Capricon 36 hosted by the Westin Chicago North Shore. The ebook has been available to preorder since December 15, and now you can preorder the trade paperback at and you’ll only be charged when the book ships.


Coming February 16 from Post Mortem Press.

What happens when you find out the house you grew up in is a private graveyard? Jared Dix is an awkward high school graduate who makes his first friend in a college student named Monica, who knows more about his house than he does: it’s where Al Capone wiped out the Cerutti Mob the evening of Easter in 1930.

The discovery is unsettling for Jared, but as he and Monica find out more details about the massacre, he learns what it feels like to be accepted, hoping beyond hope that their friendship might turn into something more. But when his family starts acting strangely, he starts to wonder if he’s imagining it, or if the killings that happened in his house have cast a longer shadow than he realized.

It’s an exciting time to be alive … or, in the case of the Ceruttis … an exciting time to be dead. Pre-order your copy of THE BLACKENING OF FLESH in ebook or trade paperback, and if you bring it to Capricon, Milwaukee Comic Con, or somewhere else on the festival and convention circuit, I’ll sign it for free (Kindles get signed in grease pencil).

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available to order from Post Mortem Press.

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