FURNACE will chill you, thrill you


The Hummel took a helluva wrong turn.

Joseph Williams’s FURNACE (Severed Press) is like a Sunday brunch buffet for science-fiction and horror fans. It had a little bit of everything-scares, space-travel, and just enough hard science to ground the story in reality, a reality I sincerely hope does not exist.

Here’s the scoop: Navigator Michael Chalmers attempts a shortcut that lands the Rockne Hummel in a spot of space that’s so uncharted, they can’t even see stars. Think about the terror that would engender in you. You’re beyond known space-time, and the only thing in site is a hellscape of a planet known colloquially as “Furnace”.

What Chalmers and the rest of the crew finds there is, well, that’s the rest of the story, told in an epistolary style that makes the experience—and the terror—palpable. Visceral. FURNACE combines all the most thrilling traits of science-fiction and horror, and for fans of either genre, it’s an absolute must-read. I loved it.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available from Post Mortem Press.

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