Collings: THE BLACKENING OF FLESH is “sheer daring”

Michael R. Collings, retired professor of creative writing and literature at Pepperdine University and author of STEPHEN KING IS RICHARD BACHMAN and NAMES AND NAMING IN J.R.R. TOLKIEN’S THE LORD OF THE RINGS, says that THE BLACKENING OF FLESH is “well done and strongly recommended” in his review at


The past won’t stay buried.

Christian A. Larsen’s previous novel, LOSING TOUCH (2013), told the story of a man increasingly unable to keep in contact with his world, physically and otherwise. In THE BLACKENING OF FLESH, Larsen delivers a subtle but important twist on that idea: Jared Dix discovers that he is increasing unable to keep in touch with the world of his psyche, even of his soul.

Larsen introduces his tale within a tale in an “Author’s Note”; after something horrendous happens near us, our first reactions are along the lines of “I never thought it could happen in my hometown.” Yet horrendous things happen everywhere, often to people who outwardly seem normal, well-balanced, essentially sane. There must, he contends, be a “why,” an answer that makes everything understandable; but those answers “are never simple, and sometimes, they aren’t what we think they are at all…”

Read the rest of Collings’s review here. If you haven’t already ordered your copy, I’ll be signing copies of THE BLACKENING OF FLESH at Concinnity 16 hosted by the Milwaukee School of Engineering on Saturday April 16 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can also pick up your copy at the Association of Writers Bookfair this weekend in Los Angeles at the Post Mortem Press table … or right now at Yeah, do that.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available from Post Mortem Press.

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