2016 Bram Stoker Award® winners announced

Eleven new Bram Stoker Awards® were handed out last night at StokerCon 2016 in Las Vegas, with THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD (edited by Michael Bailey and published by Written Backwards) taking top honors in the ‘anthology’ category.


Bailey’s 2016 Stoker Award winning antho.

THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD edged out Ellen Datlow’s THE DOLL COLLECTION (Tor), featuring “The Doll Master” by Joyce Carol Oates; Christopher Golden’s SEIZE THE NIGHT (Gallery), featuring “Mother” by Joe McKinney; Nancy Kilpatrick’s and Caro Soles’s NEVERMORE (Edge), featuring “133” by Richard Christian Matheson; Jonathan Maberry’s THE X-FILES: TRUST NO ONE (IDW), featuring “Clair de Lune” by W.D. Gagliani and David Benton; and Joseph Nassise and Del Howison’s MIDIAN UNMADE (Tor), featuring “And Midian Whispered Its Name” by Shaun Meeks.

Bailey’s 2014 anthology, QUALIA NOUS, was a finalist for the award in last year’s competition. QUALIA NOUS includes my story, “Cataldo’s Copy” and “The Jaunt” by Stephen King, as well as Stoker Award®-winning stories by Usman Tanveer Malik and Rena Mason. Bailey has also edited all three entries of the CHIRAL MAD anthology series, which includes my short story, “Mirror Moments”, in the first volume.

Here is the complete list of this year’s Bram Stoker Award® nominees, with the winners in bold:

Superior Achievement in a Novel

Superior Achievement in a First Novel

Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel

Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

Superior Achievement in a Screenplay

Superior Achievement in an Anthology

Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection

Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection

If you’re a horror fan and you’re unfamiliar with these titles, think of the above winners and nominees as a sort of reading list for the next few months. But don’t wait–because the 2017 winners and nominees are already starting to appear on the market. We just don’t know who they are yet…

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available from Post Mortem Press.


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