Buy now to save on these select horror titles

Aside from parents, who really 100% likes back-to-school time? As a student, I can remember feeling a sense of anticipation, but there was some dread, too. And to you students out there reading this, believe me, teachers feel the same way.

This year, whether you’re a teacher or a student (or a relieved parent), there’s a way to make this time of year that much more enjoyable: the “Back-to-School 99¢ Kindle Sale” from Post Mortem Press, including my sophomore novel: THE BLACKENING OF FLESH.


Time’s running out to save on these nearly-free ebooks from Post Mortem Press.

THE BLACKENING OF FLESH is about a high schooler who, during the summer of 1984, graduates into a whole new world of terror when he discovers that his house is haunted by five Prohibition-era gangsters. And this time, they’re planning more than a heist.

But THE BLACKENING OF FLESH isn’t the only title that Post Mortem Press is practically giving away. Here’s a list of hidden gems and new horror featuring school-age characters that you can save on now … but only for a limited time:

A teenager’s father is a serial killer. The horror of the silver screen creeps into reality. Magical abilities. Possessed dolls. Dystopian futures. Ghostly apparitions. Nostalgia steeped in the world of the weird. Haunted theaters. Asylums and crypts. Cartels and the patron saint of death. Own them all for less than a buck each, so this back-to-school season, you can save your scratch for college-lined notebook paper.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available from Post Mortem Press.

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