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Bringing Gerald’s Game to life and the challenges of filmmaking: a discussion with Mike Flanagan

Posted in News on May 17, 2017 by Christian

Cool read for King fans…

Mangled Matters

Of the mountains of terrors that have come from Stephen King’s catalog, Gerald’s Game had been widely regarded as the book least likely to receive a film adaptation.  Not because it isn’t worthy of a silver-screen or television series project, but because there is so much that goes on in the book that was considered impossible to properly show in a film – mainly the fact that the almost the entire book is told within the confines of a single bedroom.  It’s a challenge most filmmakers would grimace at, but not Mike Flanagan.  From Absentia to Oculus to Hush to Ouija: Origin of Evil, Flanagan is no stranger to uphill battles and he’s always enjoyed the trip to the peak.

Anyone who has read the book can see why it would be such a difficult source material to adapt into a screenplay.  Carla Gugino said it was one of…

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