Read SHRIEKS & SHIVERS and THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE now, free with Kindle Unlimited

I love anthologies—the sampler platter of the literary world. You get a little taste of different talents, with each short story coming from a different author. I love them even more when you don’t have to pay. Right now, read THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE and SHRIEKS AND SHIVERS for free with a Kindle Unlimited membership from Amazon.

SHRIEKS AND SHIVERS features my 1930s carnival yarn “Center Stage Sideshow” and a foreword by John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD). Ellen Datlow named this title in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR (2015).

THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE is a steampunk-inspired anthology about haunted machines. It includes a tale by World Fantasy Award℠-winner Joe Hill and my story, “The Talent’s in the Bones” about a boy and his piano.

Other titles free to read with a Kindle Unlimited membership include the zombie-themed anthos NEW DAWN FADES and DEAD SOULS, cosmic horror in FEAR THE ABYSS, a touch of Lovecraft in TORN REALITIES, fiction from Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee, Jonathan Maberry, and F. Paul Wilson in DARK DOORWAYS, and MON CŒUR MORT containing 27 tales of heartbreak and woe.

Novel and novella titles free for Kindle Unlimited readers include John Boden’s JEDI SUMMER, John Leahy’s HARVEST, and Steve Wellington’s  PRACTICE TO DECEIVE.


All these titles … and more!

There’s no telling how long this will last, so read them quick with your Kindle Unlimited membership. You already have it—make good use of it and give yourself a treat this holiday-shopping season. Save your scratch for the people on your list.

Christian A. Larsen is the author of the novels LOSING TOUCH and THE BLACKENING OF FLESHnow available from Post Mortem Press.

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