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Movie recommendation: The Collapsed

Posted in Movie Reviews on August 24, 2011 by Christian

The Collapsed: “Shocking, fearful quality.”

There are two prevailing opinions of post-apocalyptic  stories. The first is that they are part of a tired, played-out meme, and the  second is that they are well-established genre pieces tracing their lineage  back to Mary Shelly’s 1826 novel, The Last Man.  Neither  opinion is wrong any more than it’s right. It all depends on the quality of a given work—and that’s just what you get with Justin McConnell’s The  Collapsed. Quality. Shocking, fearful quality.

A week removed from the utter and unexplained collapse of  civilization, Scott Weaver (John Fantasia) leads his wife, son and daughter  through the wreckage of the urban center they called home. His hope is to lead them to…

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Movie review: Hawthorne Road

Posted in Movie Reviews on August 3, 2011 by Christian

You think you’ve seen this movie before: a group of friends  head out for a weekend of good times (including requisite drinking, drugs, and  sex) and bad things start happening. But with Hawthorne Road, the  difference is that the bad things have already started happening—the characters  bring them with them, and then over the course of the movie, the bad things get  much, much worse. Hawthorne Road is as much an interpersonal drama as it  is a horror film, and writer/director/producer Antone Anania even mixes in some  mystery.

The couples embark on a weekend retreat to a vacation home  at the end of Hawthorne Road. There is nothing remarkable about the house—it’s  not near a cemetery, the shutters don’t bang in the wind, and there are no bats  roosting anywhere on its grounds—but the tension is definitely there.

From early in the film…

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