None of my work has been dramatized yet, but it’s something I hope will happen someday. While reading is probably the best way to ingest a story, watching or hearing someone else’s interpretation can shine a new light on a beloved tale, and often it can be done much more quickly and conveniently than reading. Such is the case with X Minus One, the greatest old time radio show ever, to my mind. You can (and should) listen and download it for free here.

I also recommend the radio dramatizations of The Mind’s Eye/Jabberwocky, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in particular, starring Bernard Mayes (Gandalf), Ray Reinhardt (Bilbo), Carl Hague (Elrond), Tom Luce (Thorin, Aragorn), Erik Bauersfeld (Smaug, Theoden), Pat Franklyn (Bombur, Merry), and Gail Chugg (Gollum, Gimli, the narrator). I listened to these adaptations endlessly as a kid growing up in the 1980s, and I love them like I love an old friend. You can purchase them here.

The same acting troupe dramatized many, many classics of literature, which are now sadly out of print. I recently went through my old cassettes before they oxidized and ripped them to my hard drive as (roughly) half hour tracks. Here is my current catalog:

  • Agamemnon (1977) – 4 tracks (short tracks, about an hour runtime)
  • Aladdin (1972) – 2 tracks
  • Alice in Wonderland (1972) – 4 tracks
  • Antigone (1977) – 4 tracks (very short tracks, about 40 min. runtime)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1975) – 1 track
  • The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (1972) – 1 track
  • The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (1972) – 1 track
  • A Christmas Carol (1972) – 2 tracks
  • David Copperfield (1982) – 4 tracks
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1973) – 2 tracks
  • Dracula (1983) – 4 tracks
  • The Execution of Socrates (1977) – 4 tracks (short tracks, about an hour runtime)
  • The Fisherman and his Wife (1975) – 1 track
  • Great Expectations (1972) – 4 tracks
  • The Hobbit (1979) – 12 tracks
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles (1975) – 2 tracks
  • Huckleberry Finn (1972) – 6 tracks
  • The Invisible Man (1983) – 2 tracks
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1972) – 1 track
  • The Light Princess (1979) – 2 tracks
  • The Lord of the Rings (1979) – 24 tracks
  • The Metamorphosis (1982) – 2 tracks
  • The Nightingale and the Rose – 1 track
  • The Odyssey (1977) – 4 tracks
  • Oedipus the King (1977) – 4 tracks (short tracks, about an hour runtime)
  • Oliver Twist (1974) – 4 tracks
  • The Prairie (1979) – 6 tracks (track 4 is shorted 7 minutes due to tape damage)
  • Robin Hood (1974) – 4 tracks
  • Rumpelstiltskin (1975) – 1 track
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1975) – 1 track
  • The Swineherd (1975) – 1 track
  • Tales of Poe (1972) – 2 tracks
  • The Time Machine (1973) – 2 tracks
  • The Tinerbox (1975) – 1 track
  • Treasure Island (1972) – 4 tracks
  • The Wind in the Willows (1979) – 6 tracks
  • The Wizard of Oz (1972) – 4 tracks

I have recently found out that there are literally dozens more of these Mind’s Eye/Jabberwocky dramatizations, and I’m trying to collect them all, but they’ve sadly all but disappeared from the face of the earth. If you have others and would be willing to trade title-for-title, I would be willing to send copies of everything that is NOT commercially available (i.e. hyperlinked). I will make an exception for The Lord of the Rings, as the copy I have is the slightly longer cassette version. You may not even notice the difference, however, and it does have tape hiss—so you are forewarned.

You can find my contact information on my Contact page.


22 Responses to “Dramatizations”

  1. I am SO devastated looking around the internet that no one seems to have made cds out of The Mind’s Eye productions. I loved listening to them when I was young. Such a tragedy. I wish I still had my old tapes, I had some that you don’t have listed. : (

  2. I have a bunch of old Jabberwocky/Mind’s Eye cassette tapes that I recently converted to mp3. I’d be happy to send some to you if you email me.

    • Patrick Boyce Says:

      Would you be willing to email them to anyone else? I am desperate to get these adaptations on digital format. They were a huge part of my childhood.

    • Eric joyner Says:

      Hi Josh,
      Thanks so much for making these fantastic tapes available.
      my email is eric@ericjoyner.com

    • 3 years late to the party, here. I don’t quite understand the whole trading thing as they are something all of these people here have had a fond experience with who seek to recapture those feelings for one reason or another.
      If anyone here still has them and would be willing to share it would be much appreciated I have some of the tapes but haven’t converted them.

    • Hi Josh. Do you still have those mp3 files? Would you be willing to share with the group? I’d love to have my children listen. Thanks!

  3. Kimberly Roberts Says:

    I have the Mind’s Eye/Jabberwocky cassette tapes of The Scarlet Letter. I would love to trade!

  4. Patrick Boyce Says:

    Without a TV, the Mind’s Eye audio tapes had a huge impact on me as a kid in the 80s. I still have the tapes and really need to convert them to a digital format (aside from the commercially available LoTR and Hobbit). It boggles my mind how the company it seems has all but vanished without a trace, along with the rest of its audio catalog that begs for CD re-issue, in particular the adaptation of “The Odyssey”, which I think was their masterpiece. Glad someone else out there remembers them.

  5. As a kid, I was also obsessed with their adaptations of Tolkien. I never had a chance to hear their other productions. Would you ever consider putting them up for download or streaming? I, sadly, have nothing to trade, but would you consider e-mailing a few to another fan?

  6. Benjamin Jones Says:

    I grew up on these tapes-Wind in the Willows and Robin Hood especially. I’ll dig through to see if I have any old cassettes and see what I can find and will report back soon!

  7. Echoing everyone else’s sadness over how these seemed to have vanished completely, even from the internet. Grew up listening to them.
    Any chance those of you with tapes are digitizing your copies so others may download or purchase? It feels like it would be much easier and more efficient to create an online archive using the few tapes people own.
    I’d be happy to help however I can, just for the public good. 🙂

    • Does anyone have copies of the Mark Twain works, specifically “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?” I’d be willing to work something out. Those were so well done.

      • Did this come to Jabberwocky/Mind’s Eye as the NBC radio production starting Dean Stockwell as Huck? That was part of my collection; I have to dig thru and see if I still have ‘The Incredible Time Machine’. I remember drooling over the crate of LotR tapes at the bookstore! Internet Archive has a few of these, and I just tonight found The Wizard of Oz (blue cassette with orange label) I swore was lost forever!

      • Jillian S Orrico Says:

        Did you ever find access to The Huck Finn recordings?? Please let me know. I have 2 of the 3 tapes from childhood. I listened to this almost every night for years as a kid. jillian.orrico@gmail.com – please email me if you can and can help.

  8. Willow Zietman Says:

    If anyone has a copy of Treasure Island, I’ve been searching for years for that one. It’s so great to hear that other people also listened to Mind’s Eye growing up!

  9. Minds eye is the most entertaining adaptation of the books, I was taught to read on Tolkien, but only because I had listen to the minds eye radio version on tape I copied from a friend as a child, I still have the box for them but i wore the tapes out listening to them over and over as a child.

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