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Sonar4 reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

Posted in News with tags , , , , on December 6, 2011 by Christian

What Fears Become, featuring my story “Bast,” has been reviewed in Sonar4’s Landing Dock reviews:

What scares you in the night? What makes you even fear going to the bathroom unless there is a light everywhere you go?

In What Fears Become: An anthology from the Horror Zine Edited by Jeani Rector, you will once again sense that fear, drive yourself to the brink of insanity or beyond. Stories that deal with a cut leg replaced by a dog leg and to boot done by kids in the story Dogleg by Bentley Little, a guy who sleeps with a woman one second and then finds her this creature who gnaws at him in Gnaw by Lala Drona to Mall walkers by Chris Reed where a boy suddenly can’t figure out where all the time went in his life.

There is also…

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