The Blackening of Flesh (Post Mortem Press): in the summer of 1984, a lonely high school graduate’s house is inhabited by the ghosts of five Prohibition-era gangsters–who are planning more than a heist … or a haunting.


Losing Touch (Post Mortem Press): an unemployed family man tries to take control of his life with his newfound ability to walk through walls. Featuring a foreword by New York Times-bestselling author Piers Anthony.


Qualia Nous Cover

Qualia Nous (Written Backwards): science-fiction anthology including “Cataldo’s Copy”, in which a widowed neuroscientist creates a robotic duplicate of himself. Also features “The Jaunt” by Stephen King.

Chiral Mad (Written Backwards): Twenty-eight psychological horror stories brought together in one volume, including “Mirror Moments”, about two printer’s devils and a single second chance.

51m-JdZGNQL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_The Ghost Is the Machine (Post Mortem Press): steampunk-inspired anthology including a tale by World Fantasy Award℠-winner Joe Hill and my story, “The Talent’s in the Bones” about a boy and his piano.

44 Lies by 22 Liars (Post Mortem Press): fifty-nine stories (by twenty-nine authors), each about a thousand words or less. Features my flash pieces “Chief Chatzahoaken” and “The Lightning Makes a Stop”.

Shrieks and Shivers (Post Mortem Press): anthology featuring 1930s carnival yarn “Center Stage Sideshow”. Foreword by John Russo (Night of the Living Dead). Named among The Best Horror of the Year (2015) by Ellen Datlow.

A Feast of Frights (The Horror Zine Books): dark fantasy, mystery, pure suspense and classic scares. My story, “Clawed Sod”, appears alongside the work of and Joe R. Lansdale, Susie Moloney, and the late Tom Piccirilli.

51Dd0UX4YeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Best of The Horror Zine (The Horror Zine Books): this British Fantasy Award-nominated online magazine presents some of the most popular stories from its early print anthologies including my first major acceptance, “Bast”.

Gothic Blue Book V (Burial Day Books): inspired by 18th century ‘sixpenny shockers’ with stories of institutional horror, including “Knitting Away Eternity” and a contribution from Bram Stoker Award®-winner Maria Alexander.

Zippered Flesh 2 (Smart Rhino): body horror anthology featuring a pair of Bram Stoker Award®-nominated short stories in Michael Bailey’s “Primal Tongue” and Lisa Mannetti’s “The Hunger Artist”, as well as my own “The Little Things”.

51KS7UWZASLSo It Goes (Perpetual Motion Machine): inspired by the gallows humor of science-fiction author Kurt Vonnegut. Includes work by James Dorr, T. Fox Dunham, Jay Wilburn, and my story, “The Fountain of Relative Youth”.

Lost in the Witching Hour (Breaking Fate): fourteen tales inspired by classic ghost stories of the past, featuring my homage to the American Romanticism of Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Poe in “Crybaby Bridge”.

Fortune: Lost and Found (Omnium Gatherum): not all fortunes are made of money. In “The Plagiarist’s Wireless”, a rock journalist discovers the reason why a seminal band broke up in the 1970s.

For When the Veil Drops (West Pigeon Press): anthology of dark and brooding stories from Doug Murano, C. Bryan Brown, Lydia Peever, A.A. Garrison, and more, including and my short story, “724”.

Click here for my complete back catalog.

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